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Apple Mac Hardware/Software

Here at Cross Island Computers, we take pride in servicing your Apple Mac, regardless of the age, type of Mac, or Operating System you are running. Chances are, you received the run-around from the Apple Store or the ‘Genius’ bar; they more than likely told you that they can’t fix your computer because it is too old, not under warranty, etc. Fear not! Cross Island Computers is here to help!

While the Apple Mac is a phenomenal piece of equipment and runs some of the best software out there, it is still a piece of equipment and needs to be cleaned-up and repaired from time to time.

We offer the following Apple Mac related services:

    • Hardware Repairs (doesn’t matter the age)
    • New Computer Setups
    • Data Transfers from an old Mac to a new Mac
    • Printer setup and configuration (wireless and wired)
    • New software installations
    • Clean-Ups
    • Upgrades (RAM, Hard Drive, or Operating System)

    Don’t let the Apple Store tell you that you are out of luck and need a new computer, unless it is more than 6 years old, I can help breathe new life back into it!

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    Cross Island Computers IS NOT an authorized Apple Repair store. However, unless your computer is still under warranty, this doesn’t matter. We ARE Apple Certified Technologists.