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My passion is Computer Systems and Information Technology!

Hello, my name is Ryan Woltering and I am a certified computer nerd! I have been tinkering around with computers for over 15 years now. It all started when my family purchased Optimum Online when it first became available in our neighborhood. I was given the task of installing the Network Interface Card, or “NIC”. This card was the final piece we needed in order to get our computer cruising at lightning speeds around the internet. Once I popped open “the hood” of our computer, I immediately became intrigued by what was inside and how it all worked. As a result, I did hours of independent research on the internet and at the library of how computers worked. To further my interest in computers, I started looking into websites as well as how they worked. I became enthralled at the concept of the internet, and the vast amount of websites and information out there. I wanted to become involved one way or another. So, I created my first website. While this website was nothing more than a “blog” of sorts, I also used it to share music and photos.

Today, I currently possess my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management and Economics from SUNY Empire State College; I minored in Management Information Systems. I also posses a Microsoft Certified I.T. Professional Certification in Server 2008 R2 and an Apple Certified Integration Specialist Certification. Over the past 5 years, I have held various positions relating to computers in one role or another. I recently held a position for two years at a local college where I was the ‘go-to’ guy for everything IT related. You could say I was like ‘third level’ technical support for the college – everybody came to me (even people in my own department) looking for answers. For approximately a year, I was a desktop support/systems analyst at a large regional bank here in NY. This job provided me with excellent corporate experience. I have also been working for a company based in California in various support roles. I have been the webmaster of this company for approximately 5 years, and I have been providing over-the-phone and virtual, remote support to clients that purchase a router product the company sells. I have also held many small “odd jobs” here and there supporting various independent users, as well as businesses alike. I continue to design and develop web site ideas and concepts that I use for my own personal goals, as well as for anybody who may be interested in utilizing my services!

Cross Island Computers isn’t my first independently owned and operated computer business. My first computer business I started was in Colorado, where I lived for a number of years. The business was named “DC PC Repair”; the DC was for “Douglas County”, which was the county I was residing it at the time. The business flourished and began to develop a reputation in the community. I developed various relationships with many businesses and individuals throughout the area. The business became so popular, that I even extended its reach to surrounding counties and other large cities. My clients were all very dynamic; some required websites, and a person to maintain those websites; others simply wanted a local IT support guy, with whom they could call on a whim, and know they will receive excellent service, at an excellent price.

I decided it was time for a life change, and therefore, I decided to move back to my home of NY. It was very difficult to leave an incredible group of clients, however everybody knew this was for the better. I still maintain a rapport with my clients back in Colorado. They still call on me when in need of “over the phone” support. I also maintain a vast amount of websites for them as well. I have a tendency of befriending my clients, this is something that is natural to me. I believe this personal touch is the corner stone of my business. Without the personal touch, I am simply a computer nerd going from house to house fixing people’s computers – I want to be more than that.

Once I arrived back here on Long Island, I decided it was time to once again set up shop. I know of my great successes, and even some failures that took place in Colorado under my old business, but I am here to provide Long Island with quality service delivered with integrity, and the absolute lowest prices! I hope you have enjoyed reading the history of Ryan Woltering and Cross Island Computers! If you would like more information, or you wish to speak with references, then please Contact Us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with this information!