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Hold Off on Windows 8

By on Sep 30, 2014 in Technology, Windows | 0 comments

Microsoft recently announced that it is preparing to release (to developers of course) Windows 10. This new version of Windows has many new features that seems to ‘marry’ the beloved features of Windows 7, with the ‘nifty’ features of Windows 8. If you or your business is in the market for a new computer, but it isn’t necessarily an emergency, I would wait until...

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The Importance of Data Backup

By on Sep 29, 2014 in Apple, Data, Windows | 0 comments

Let’s face it; we store our entire digital lives on our computers. Gone are the days of using 35mm film to capture life’s moments – now we point, shoot, upload, copy and ultimately store those moments in time on our computer (can you even remember the last time you actually printed out a photo?!). Alongside our photos are thousands of hours of our favorite tunes,...

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Windows XP is no more

By on Apr 8, 2014 in Windows | 0 comments

EDIT: 4/29/2014 Microsoft announced over the weekend that ALL VERSIONS OF INTERNET EXPLORER have a MAJOR security flaw that will allow an attacker to fully gain access and take control of your computer. While the attacks are primarily targeted at government and financial agencies, any user of Internet Explorer (the Blue ‘E’), will be susceptible to this...

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