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What is the cloud? Everybody is talking about it, is it just a buzz word or is it something that can really help my business?

The answer to that question lies solely on the type of business structure that you have as well as the industry that your business operates in. The bottom line, most of the services that you are already using are relying on some aspect of ‘the cloud’. If you use email services from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. or you utilize an online storage program like DropBox or OneDrive then you are already using the cloud. Of course, these are very specific instances of applications that anybody can use that rely on cloud technology.
The key is knowing, what can YOU DO to have YOUR BUSINESS UTILIZE THE CLOUD more effectively? Or better yet the question should be, how can Cross Island Computers help move your business into the cloud?

In order to ascertain this, we would need to have a consultation to determine how the cloud can be better utilized to suit your business’ needs.

One of the first steps any business can take to move to the cloud is to move their business email system away from in an-house service (such as Microsoft Exchange), to a cloud solution like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for business. Cross Island Computers is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and as such we can easily transition your business email system to Microsoft Office 365.

Don’t like Microsoft? No problem! Cross Island Computers can assist with migration to Google Apps for Business as well.

Why worry about a server failing and taking your business offline for hours and possibly days? Save money by paying for the computing power that you use, rather than wasting what you don’t.

The bottom line, you need to realize the power of ‘the cloud’ and better utilize it to improve and align your business with a trend in computing that will become the norm, rather than the exception.